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Pendulum Arm Wiper

Pendulum Arm

Pantographic Arm Wiper

Pantographic Arm

Pendulum & Pantographic Window Wipers

Cornell-Carr Company manufactures a Pendulum Type Airport and Window Wiper which combines simplicity, efficiency and durability. This motor driven wiper can be readily mounted inboard or can be outside mounted. It is built to resist severe weather conditions inherent in navigation. Heated arms on inboard mounted wipers or heated pivots on those that are outside mounted are also available. Wipers can be provided with a window washing/anti ice feature as well as with a radio frequency suppression feature.

Pendulum Arm Wipers provide a conical wiping area, Pantographic Arm Wipers have a parallel sweep, providing a wider view area. See the illustrations below for clarification. 

All parts are made of corrosion resistant material. This unit is powered by a 100/120 volt AC/DC, 1/8 HP motor with a variable rheostat speed control and a shut off switch. Various wiper arm arrangements can be furnished including single, dual arms and parallel blade motion.

The wiping angle is set to 100º swipe, the housing is watertight and all parts are resistant to salt spray and other corrosive environmental conditions.

The wiper can be mounted above, below or at the side of the windshield frame. The drive shaft supplied can be 3”, 4”, 5” or 6” depending on wall thickness.

Standard Navy Wipers, CC-5065 and CC-5086, include heater shields and uses CC-5086 Controller. CC-5065 is Inboard Mounted and CC-5086 is Outboard Mounted. These wipers have Pantographic Arms.

Commercial style wipers, CC-5100 and 5200, use CC-5137A Controller. CC-5100 is Outboard Mounted and CC-5200 is Inboard Mounted. Both are available with either Pendulum or Pantographic Arms.

Cornell-Carr also produces and services the entire Kearfott/BAE line of wipers.

Cornell-Carr also carries and configures Wynn Marine In-Line wipers and controllers.

Wiper Flyer (PDF)

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