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Transparent Armor Ballistic Window

In military applications, the security of the crew is of utmost importance. Cornell-Carr's ballistic panels, also called transparent armor, have been protecting our servicemen since the 1960's. The detailed engineering and exacting construction necessary to produce these windows is one of Cornell-Carr's specialties. Our windows are go through a rigorous testing process in order to be certified to military standards. When you build products to meet these tough standards, you know that any product you buy form Cornell-Carr will be built to last. 

Cornell-Carr Company is the framing partner for PPG Industries, the world's leading producer of ballistic and specialty marine window glazing. We produce ballistic windows for the US Navy as well as for major foreign navies. 

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In this age of high-tech warfare, electronic profiles and radar visibility are a major concern. When the Navy needed a window that could help to reduce the radar signature of a destroyer to that of a trawler, they came to Cornell-Carr. Windows that provide the necessary function were developed in partnership with PPG Industries. 


When you need innovation, think "Cornell-Carr."

Window Frame
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