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Weathertight Door Hinge

When shipyards want a door that will outlast the vessel's functional lifespan, they come to Cornell-Carr.

Weathertight Door

The Cornell-Carr Company weather-tight door was designed to meet the requests of naval architects and marine engineers. In protected harbors and rivers where weather conditions do not require the heavy water-tight steel doors, a light weight weather-tight door is usually sufficient. These doors have dogging mechanism which secure against rain, light wave pressure and spray.

Doors fit in exterior bulkhead locations resulting in a pleasing appearance, along with ease of operation. Doors and frames can be flush mounted. They can be furnished with a narrow frame for insertion into existing bulkheads. The frames can be welded or secured by bolting.

Our special fabricated interlocking door and frame with neoprene gasket insures weather tightness at all times. The rubber gasket is secured in place and is resistant to the effects of oil, paints, salt, etc. The gasket is easily replaceable and may be obtained from our company upon request. The 12-gauge steel front panel and the optional 18-gauge back panel are stiffened with structural angles, and insulated with 1-1/2" thickness of insulation. Dutch doors are available and framed glass can be inserted in all doors upon request. Doors can be furnished in aluminum or stainless steel or a combination of both. Doors are coated inside with a special chemical to prevent rot. They can be primed with a rust preventive paint on the outside surfaces. 

Cornell-Carr Weathertight Doors are available in virtually any size or form. Full customization is available. Review our Weathertight Door Options below or fill out a Quote Request for doors. The Quote Request form will help you determine which door style is best for your application. 

Printable Weathertight Door Options (PDF)

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