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CVS Clear-View Screen Detail View
CVS Clear View Screen Weatherside
CVS Clear-View Screen Inside View

Cornell-Carr's Clear View Screen is specifically designed to provide a superior level of performance and durability compared to other brands. The first to produce American-made CVS's, Cornell-Carr's design increased motor strength and structural integrity to ensure visibility under the harshest conditions.

About Clear View Screens

Using a hardened glass disk spinning at 1400 rpm, the speed of the screen continuously throws any rain, snow, ice, or spray away from the surface of the optically corrected glass so as to maintain a clear, undistorted view. Designed for mounting in a hole cut out in a ship's window, the screen is double glazed – a fixed glass disk carrying the drive motor and a rotating glass disk fitted directly onto the shaft.


  • Heavy-duty motor ensures operation even during the most extreme icing conditions.

  • Careful balancing of the rotating glass and lifetime lubrication of bearings insure silent operation and make routine maintenance unnecessary.

  • A heating element is fitted between the rotating glass and motor support glass to eliminate any condensation and ice during extreme weather conditions.

  • Best quality armored glass, optically ground true, is used throughout, and all metal parts are solid bronze.


  • Made to commercial or military specifications.

  • CVS can be integrated with an electrically heated widow.

  • Cornell-Carr also sells KS (BAE) style and Speich brand clear view screens mounted in quality Cornell-Carr frames.


When you need a window you can depend on under any conditions, think “Cornell-Carr.”

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