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The Cornell-Carr Quality Commitment

We promise that your Cornell-Carr products will be of the highest quality, durability and functionality to be found anywhere. 

We promise to offer the level of service that accepts nothing less than total customer satisfaction.

Casco Ferry Quality

We are committed to producing not only the finest quality marine closures and wipers, but also offering the ongoing support that will make your Cornell-Carr purchase the best long-term solution for your needs. That is because we consider our relationship with our clients of utmost importance. We are committed not only to producing the finest products but also to working closely with our clients to make sure that their design will function above expectations. It is on this philosophy that we have built our legacy in the marine industry.

Our internal quality controls insure that you will receive the right product the first time and on time. Right fit, right function and legendary durability are our mottos throughout the design and production process. 

We are constantly striving to improve our processes as well. Whether it is the latest in energy-efficient production technology or the regular retraining and cross training of our staff, we consider the manufacturing process to be a challenge for which there can never be too much vigilance. We are also always working to improve every design to create a cutting-edge, superior product.

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