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Cornell-Carr helped to develop the first electrically heated marine windows in the 1950's.
We continue to be the industry leader, setting the bar for quality and innovation.

Electrically Heated Window

Electrically heated windows are available in many styles depending on your needs. 

  • Fixed

  • Sliding

  • Hinged

Frames can be Steel, Bronze, Aluminum or Stainless Steel. 
Matching Fixed, Hinged and Sliding windows are available. Fully Customizable. Fill out a Window Quote Request form to help determine which window style is best for your application.


For almost 60 years Cornell-Carr Company has been manufacturing electrically heated windows designed to meet the severest weather conditions. Since the first heated window was produced for the US Navy in the 1950's the essential necessity of this product has been proven. Now all naval vessels' pilot houses are equipped with electrically heated windows and over 90% of the cargo and passenger ships have them.

The flying spray which, in extremely low temperatures, causes ice to form instantly on windows is no longer a navigational hazard with the use of ice-free electrically heated windows. External and internal fogging can no longer occur when Cornell-Carr electrically heated windows are installed. 

In order to accomplish the heating of these windows, a conductive coating is applied to the surface of one panel of glass. This coating is completely transparent and has a high electrical resistance. The coated panel is is then laminated to another panel of glass with a vinyls filer sandwiched between. Current passing from busbars located at both ends of the panel supplies electrical energy to the conductive coating between the laminated glass providing thermal energy which evenly heats the entire glass panel.The heating is controlled by a control box containing hermetically sealed thermostats or embedded sensors. Either AC 115, 220 or 440 volts can be used to heat the panel which can be laminated with various glass thicknesses and configurations. 

Cornell-Carr Company manufactures heated windows in a complete assembly which can be installed in a ship's superstructure by means of through-bolts. The frames for these heated assemblies can be made of corrosion resistant steel, bronze or aluminum. The glass is glazed within the frame by special rubber gaskets fully sealing the entire assembly against the elements. These units are manufactured to customer's specifications and meet the requirements of MIL-W-18445. Many Cornell-Carr frame styles can be adapted to be electrically heated.

Heated Fixed Window
Heated Hinged Window
Heated Hinged Window
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