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Wiper Control Box

Cornell-Carr offers ongoing service and parts for all of its products. Certain parts, like gaskets and wiper blades simply need to replaced periodically. Others, such as dogs, may need replacement due to wear or damage. In any case, we are commited to determining the correct parts and providing them in a timely manner. 

The first step to determining the parts you need is to let us know what product you have. Please submit the parts quote request form below to get the conversation started. Our parts experts will review your request and get back to you with a quote or with a few questions to make sure the parts you are requesting are, indeed, the parts you need.


Cornell-Carr provides parts and support for all of the BAE/Kearfott marine products including wipers. 

Window Parts
Wiper Parts

Our Parts Sales Partners

Triman Industries

Cornell-Carr is proud to use Triman Industries, Inc. as its primary sales partner for military parts.

Triman Industries Logo

Byrne, Rice & Turner

Cornell-Carr is proud to use Byrne, Rice & Turner as its southern sales partner for commercial marine products.

BRT Byrne, Rice, & Turner Logo
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