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USS John F. Kennedy USS Gerald Ford CVN 78

1967: USS John F. Kennedy  •  2014: USS Gerald Ford - CVN 78

Cornell-Carr has over 50 years experience designing and manufacturing marine closures. As the US military's primary source for electrially heated and ballistic marine windows, we pride ourselves in developing sound solutions to difficult design and fabrication projects, and we are not satisfied until specifications have been met or exceeded. Here is a sampling of vessels supplied:


US Military Vessel Programs Supplied:
• CVN 68 Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers
• DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyers
• LCS 1 and 2 Class Littoral Combat Ships
• LCAC Hovercraft
• LHA 6 America Class Amphibious Assault Ships
• CG 47 Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruisers
• Many others

CVN 68 Aircraft Carrier DDG 1000 Zumwalt Destroyer LCS LCAC LHA 6 CG 47

International Naval Vessels:
• Spanish Navy F-100 Class Frigates
• Australian Navy AWD Air Warfare Destroyers
• Canadian Navy DDH280 Class Destroyers

Staten Island Ferry Casco Bay Ferry Long Island Sound Ferry BP Alaska Boeing Jetfoil Work Boats Fishing Boats Windows


• Ferries: Staten Island, Casco Bay, Long Island Sound
• Tankers: BP Alaska Class • Boeing Jetfoil
• Work Boats and Fishing Boats of all shapes and sizes

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