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  • For Arm Assembly see CC-5036.
  • Standard arm length 20".
  • Custom lengths available.

For blades see CC-5047.

  • Standard unit comes with 18" blade length.
  • Blades may be specified from 14" to 20" (in 2" increments).
  • Other sizes available upon request.
  • See CC-5047 for ordering replacement blades. Specify CC-5047-(length).

For outboard mount, see CC-5086.

For unheated wipers see Commercial style wipers (CC-5100 & CC-5200).

Call our sales team to discuss your wiper needs or to determine what parts you may need. 

CC-5065 Navy Style Inboard Wiper, with Pivot Heater

  • Cornell-Carr's marine wipers are built to the to the highest durability standards, tested and approved for military use.
    CC-5065 is our Navy standard inboard mount with a pivot heater to prevent freeze-up.

    • Blade pressure against window adjusts from 16 oz. to 32 oz.
    • Conforms to MIL-W-3459 
    • Requires controller CC-5066

    Drawing (PDF)

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