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For Arm Assembly see KS-9400. 

  • Standard arm length 20".
  • Custom lengths available.

For blades see part #51.

  • Standard unit comes with 18" blade length.
  • Blades may be specified from 12" to 22" (in 2" increments).
  • Other sizes available upon request.
  • See part #51 for ordering replacement blades. Specify 51-(length)-CC.

Call our sales team to discuss your wiper needs or to determine what parts you may need. 203.261.2529 

KS-65420 Commercial Outboard Wiper, Pantographic Arm

  • Cornell-Carr produces the BAE/Kearfott line of wipers to the same military quality standards as the Cornell-Carr line of wipers. For applications where the KS style wipers have been specified or need to be replaced, you can be assured that the correct units or parts will be available. 

    KS-65420 is the BAE/Kearfott commercial standard outboard mount with a pendulum arm.

    Blade pressure against window adjusts from 16 oz. to 32 oz.

    • Conforms to MIL-W-3459 
    • Requires controller CC-5137A
    • 115VAC
    • Motor: 620-CC

    Drawing (PDF)

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